Treeplanting Tips

February 09, 2015


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Treeplanting Novice: When Should You Start Looking For Work?

Tree planting companies (also known as contractors) have a very seasonal work year! The majority of businesses, especially the larger ones, do the majority of their work in May, June, and July. Occasionally, there may be a bit of planting work in late April or into August. However, that work usually goes to returning planters with a couple seasons of experience...

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Treeplanting 101: The Importance Of Equipment

Depending on the province that you’re going to be planting in, there may be different gear requirements. No matter where you work, it’s very likely that you’ll be supplying your own tree planting gear. In most areas of Canada, the planting companies don’t provide gear, or if they do, they charge you for it. As a consolation, when you’re buying your own gear, you should be more likely to look after it and make sure that it stays in good condition...

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Treeplanting 101: Rookie Starter Guide

Where do you begin? Every rookie starts off in the pre-season by thinking that he or she will be the best new tree planter that their company has ever hired. They think that by the end of the week, they will be out-pacing other workers with several seasons under their belts.

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Treeplanting 101: What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

When you’re getting ready for a planting season, the most important thing to remember is to pack light! The gear that you’ll want to bring can basically be broken down into four groups: planting gear, camping gear & clothing, toiletries & medicinal, and miscellaneous. Our experts give you the advice on what to include for maximum comfort and efficiency...

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Treeplanting 101: What’s In A Tree Planter’s Diet?

Once your season begins, it’s only a couple of shifts before you start craving two things: sleep and food. All other aspects of your life slowly diminish in importance. No matter how much you eat, you want more. No matter how much you sleep, you want more. It’s a seemingly endless cycle: Eat, Sleep, Plant, Repeat...

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Treeplanting - Upcoming Articles

Treeplanters, starting on January 15th of 2015, keep checking this blog for regular information and content.  We’ll be posting advice, stories, and information for new and experienced planters on a very regular basis...

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