Treeplanting Tips

February 09, 2015


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Treeplanting Novice: When Should You Start Looking For Work?

Tree planting companies (also known as contractors) have a very seasonal work year! The majority of businesses, especially the larger ones, do the majority of their work in May, June, and July. Occasionally, there may be a bit of planting work in late April or into August. However, that work usually goes to returning planters with a couple seasons of experience...

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Treeplanting 101: How To Work Through The Schnarb

On any given block, you are going to find a mix of good and bad ground. Hopefully, your foreman will mix the two so everyone gets treated fairly. Many treeplanters will work harder when the ground is good, and relax when the ground gets tough. They do this because they prefer to save their energy for the good terrain. However, does this practice make sense?

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Treeplanting 101: How Much Money Can You Make While Tree Planting?

Tree planters usually work under a piece-rate based compensation system. The more trees you plant, the more money you make. However, the piece rates (the price per tree) can vary significantly from province to province and from contract to contract. Even on a single contract, there may be a lot of variance in tree prices from block to block. It’s even possible for there to be multiple prices on a single block...

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