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Treeplanting Expert: Running Your Own Crew

Running a crew can be exciting, challenging, and satisfying. However, it also means an incredible amount of hard work at some companies. The exact role of a foreman (also known as “crew boss”) can vary significantly. At some places, you’ll have a ton of help if you are a foreman. At others, you are very independent and working on your own. Let’s look at the variation in job responsibilities from company to company, and then we’ll look at some of the leadership roles that you need to assume when you are supervising a group of planters...

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Treeplanting Expert: The Role of Various Support Staff

When people refer to a “camp” of tree planters, it is because they are talking about a large crew or collection of them working out of a bush camp. Bush camps, however, are not the only setup for planting. In some locations, crews will work out of town. They will stay in cheap motels with kitchenettes. The advantage of having a motel as a home base is that it is always warm and dry...

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Treeplanting Novice – How To Avoid Various Types of Injuries

If there’s one truth about tree planting, it is this. When the season ends, you are going to be in rough shape. You’ll have lost a significant amount of weight, you’ll have scratches and cuts all over, and you’ll be extremely sore and tired. It is also true that your body will be in great shape. You could probably go out and run a marathon in work boots and finish with a respectable time...

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Treeplanting Novice - How To Improve Your Personal Best

After your first year, you run into a small problem in the fall or winter. You start thinking back on your season, and your brain has this sneaky habit of filtering out many of the bad memories and retaining a higher percentage of good memories. This happens regardless of how much you have told yourself you hate tree planting and would never do it again...

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Treeplanting Novice - What is it really like at bush camp?

You’ve gone camping, right? You like camping, right? There shouldn’t be much difference between a weekend camping trip and three months in a tent, right? Well, you can tell yourself whatever you want about the pros and cons of a summer in the bush. There is one simple truth: some things will be better than you expect, and some will be worse...

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February 09, 2015


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Treeplanting Novice: When Should You Start Looking For Work?

Tree planting companies (also known as contractors) have a very seasonal work year! The majority of businesses, especially the larger ones, do the majority of their work in May, June, and July. Occasionally, there may be a bit of planting work in late April or into August. However, that work usually goes to returning planters with a couple seasons of experience...

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Treeplanting 101: How To Work Through The Schnarb

On any given block, you are going to find a mix of good and bad ground. Hopefully, your foreman will mix the two so everyone gets treated fairly. Many treeplanters will work harder when the ground is good, and relax when the ground gets tough. They do this because they prefer to save their energy for the good terrain. However, does this practice make sense?

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