Bug Jackets

Forests are one of the environments where mosquitoes and flies are undeterred by even the strongest insect repellants. When treeplanting in these situations, it is important you protect yourself against pests. Not only are these bugs annoying, but they can also spread disease. Also, chemicals can be irritating. This is especially true for those who are sensitive to them.

This jacket is an excellent alternative to repellents when tree planting. It is made of an airy, bug-proof mesh. Although the mesh is large enough to be breathable, it is small enough to prevent even the smallest insects from entering.

Adult sizing:

  • Small fits up to 73kg (160lb)
  • Medium fits up to 91kg (200lb)
  • Large fits up to 109kg (240lb)
  • XL fits up to 136kg (300lb)

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