Viking Handyman Rainwear

When you think of treeplanters, or the word Viking, two words that may come to mind are "strength" and "resilience". Those are the ideas behind the AMC Viking Handyman. AMC makes it out of a premium .35mm PVC/Polyester/PVC material, which means the Viking will continue to protect. 

Although strong, the Handyman is also built for comfort. It also features multiple cooling vents, and durable chrome plated brass snaps. It also features generous bib sizing, and comes as a three piece suit.

The AMC Viking Handyman is both comfortable and strong, and is the tree planting professional's choice in rainwear. Note: We only sell the yellow version of the Viking Handyman. 

Highballer Tip: Imagine this scenario. The crummy drives past you in the pouring rain and doesn't see you because you were wearing black rain gear. Then you have to walk four kilometres up the road at the end of a long day to get back to the main cache. Now imagine you wore yellow.


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