Bushpro Speed Spade

Bushpro’s Speed Spade is a favorite wood-handled planting shovel, and for good reason: it allows quick and efficient planting. It shares many features with the Hiballer, but is slightly more narrow. This design allows easier stock penetration. 

The Speed Spade is also quite strong and is shown to withstand weights up to 165 pounds off the handle, with it sitting at an angle of 45 degrees. Here are the specifications for the d-handled model, pictured here. 

Users can adjust the length by cutting the shaft and remounting the handle.  This flexibility enables the Speed Spade to work in various situations. Its pointed tip makes for easier penetration. 

  • 3 7/8" wide tapering to 2 3/4"
  • Weighs 3 lbs 3 oz, can be reduced to as little as 2 lbs 11 oz with shortening of the shaft.
  • Shovel length from tip to top of handle - 37.5" Minimum possible shovel length - 25.5"

The Speed Spade is also available with a long wood handle, referred to as a shaft shovel. See item number BUPPC273 below. If you're a planter and you need a strong and dependable shovel that will allow you to plant quickly and efficiently, look no further than the speed spade. 

Highballer Tip: Great for small stock. Be careful planting anything over two years old, or you'll be replanting like a sucker.

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