Dynamic Rocky Helmet

The Rocky is the hard hat specially designed for people that work at heights or in confined spaces. The brimless shell offers a tree planter an unobstructed upper field of vision. The shell is made out of Polycarbonate/ABS for increased resistance to shocks. The polycarbonate construction also makes the helmet lightweight.

The Massif features a 4-points nylon suspension, with the Sure-Lock II Ratchet adjustment. It also has an ergonomic shell that clears your ears, with fluid curves that make an attractive design. If you're a tree planter or professional that is at risk of impacts to the head, make sure to protect yourself. 

  • Large printing surface for your Logo.
  • Rethink suspension for maximum comfort.
  • Maximum suspension adjustment to fit both small and large heads
  • Universal slots for Ear Muffs. 
Available in a range of six visibility colours to suit your company or group identification needs, and all colours are available in both CSA Type 1 and CSA Type 2 styles.

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