Viking Nitri-Dex Gloves

The Viking Nitri-Dex Glove gives treeplanters a firm and comfortable grip, especially when dealing with oil and other slippery liquids. It features a nitrile palm dip, on seamlessly knit nylon. The nylon material allows the glove to be breathable, preventing excess sweat buildup. It is perfect for use in assembly and repair work.

This includes not only treeplanting, but electrical applications, mechanical maintenance, engineering, and construction work.  The Nitri-Dex Glove meets the EN388 standard and is available in sizes S - XL. If you are out tree planting and need a glove that gives you a superior grip, the Nitri-Dex is a great option.

Compliance EN388
Test/Property Level
Abrasion Resistance 4
Blade Cut Resistance 1
Tear Resistance 2
Puncture Resistance 1

Category: Gloves, Hand Protection

Vendor: VIKING

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