Viking Timberwolf Boots (Non-Caulked Sole)

The Viking Timberwolf is a favorite among planters and loggers worldwide. It is a CSA Class #1 Steel Toe boot, with a five eyelet back lace system. It has a 100% natural rubber & ballistic nylon construction, and a steel shank. It also has  air-cushioned heel pockets and a nitrile lug sole adaptable for ice studs.

Above all, the Timberwolf is built to keep your feet safe and dry. The boots have waterproof seams, and a layered rubber/ballistic nylon tongue. The cotton canvas is resistant to cuts and has an extra wide calf.

We suggest wearing these with the Bama Sock, for keeping your feet warm and dry. If you intend to buy the boots with the socks, be sure to buy it up a full size to accommodate the sock. Note: These boots are NOT warranted for the abuse that tree planting causes!

These are the non-caulked version of the boot. Find the caulked version here.

Category: Footwear, Safety Products

Vendor: VIKING

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